What Software Analysts Do

Thinking about getting a career? If you would like something that’s interesting, why not try looking up what software analysts do? A software analyst is knowledgeable in software application domain as well as prepares the document for the Software Requirements Specification. To know more about it, below are facts that you can take note:

What Software Analysts Do
  • The software analyst is the seam between the software developers and software users. They tell the software developers the demands of the users.
  • Important skills include working knowledge about the software technology, general knowledge in business, computer programming, and interpersonal relation, problem solving as well as problem reduction, flexible and adaptable.
  • The three main areas of responsibility include reviewing of software specifications, to test and to document.
  • A college degree in information technology, computer services or computer programming.
  • A software analyst ensures that the software development projects are kept on schedule while maintaining a certain level of quality.
  • Primary role is reviewing software specifications. The different specifications are fine-tuned and then used to write or develop computer software by the software analyst.
  • The system testing takes a huge part in the work of a software analyst. The two types of testing are: functional and quality. Functional testing is making sure that every command or program is working as expected. Quality testing however makes sure that the processed and returned data is complete and accurate in a timely manner.
  • Documentation is another task of a software analyst, a process of writing down the different steps when using the software.
What Software Analysts Do

If you choose this career, you will have to dedicate yourself to continuous education. We all know how technology constantly changes and it is important to keep yourself updated. It is said that this career will increase to more than average in growth in the next five to ten years, and it will be around for a very long time.

Top Android Apps for 2014

It has been a great start for Android in 2014 since it opened up the newest and coolest apps for everyone. The popular mobile apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and others continue to be a hit for almost everybody. Now 2014 has just started, and the app market offers a great deal of the latest Android apps for this year. You will definitely find what you’re looking for at Google Play as it has almost everything that you need for your smartphone pleasures. Following is a short discussion of the newest and probably one of the best mobile apps for the first quarter of the year.

Top Android Apps for 2014

If you’re a fan of WhatApp, then you’ll probably love its closest and newest competitor, the Telegram Messenger. This application works like any free messaging app, but it focuses more on security, which sets it apart from most chat/messenger apps.

If you’re into editing and enhancing photos and making photo collages, you should try PicsArt. It is one of the newest photo editors in the mobile app market today, and it has eye-catching features like a number of awesome filters, photo effects such as pop art, distort, colorsplash, and other enhancing tools that will make your photos more interesting. There are cute graphics and clip arts that you can add to your photos too.

Top Android Apps for 2014

Another awesome app is Mint. This is a great app that will help you manage and keep track of your spending and other financial matters such as monitoring your bank accounts, credit limits, and transactions. Furthermore, it will also keep a record of your budget and notify you if you reached your budget limit. This is definitely a must-have app on your smartphone.

If you’re not satisfied with Mint as a financial manager app, then you can try to couple it with another new app called Expensify. This app will keep a record of your daily expenses and create a report on your expenditure log on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Top Android Apps for 2014

Some love to dress up their Android phones to make them look cooler. Zedge is the newest customizing app for your Android. You can create a new look to your smartphone by changing its wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, and other cool features.

Lastly, there is the Sky Map. From the name itself, you probably have an idea about how this app works. Yes, it is definitely a map, but not your typical and regular mobile map because this app is an astronomy app created by Google. By using this app, you will be able to identify all the planets and stars when you point your smartphone to the sky. This is definitely a treat from Google because it will let track the trajectory of the planets, and the great thing is it comes for free! Cool, isn’t it?

Things You Should Know about Free Software Download

Nowadays, laptops and tablets are becoming common for people’s everyday use. Owning these technologies may require you to acquire software programs that are either for professional use or entertainment purposes. But purchasing these programs can be really expensive, especially high-end programs. Luckily, the Internet offers a lot of free software downloads for anyone. With just a simple click, you can get any software program without showing a penny.

Things You Should Know about Free Software Download

Despite this growing trend of free software download offers, every Internet user should still observe caution. There are certain websites with low repute that also offer these opportunities. If you download from these sites, it could result in many problems for your gadget. Most of these software programs from ill-repute sites often include viruses that may harm the hard drive in your system. They can also cause changes in the normal functioning of your gadget.

You can avoid this perturbing scenario from happening. Download free software programs only from trustworthy websites. You can check out online forums to get news about what sites offer free high-quality software downloads.

Things You Should Know about Free Software Download

There are also other websites that provide free software programs for trial purposes, but such programs are provided only for a limited period until you finally decide to purchase the permanent program. There are nevertheless websites that offer them freely, due to the support of their respected advertisers.

It’s really up to you which kind of free software download you will settle for. Overall, these downloaded software programs can improve the optimum level of functioning of your computer and tablet.

The Hottest Gadgets of 2014

The year has recently kicked off, and rumor has it that a plethora of the latest and hottest gadgets will be launched this year. There are a variety of categories in the market that not just a tech savvy but also every person must check out. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or camera, there’s absolutely loads of hot gadgets in store for everybody in 2014.

The tech scene in the modern years has definitely been exciting for almost every individual all over the globe. Each year’s goal for creators in the tech world is to develop the best pieces of technology they can offer. This 2014 will continue to strike you with amazement as it brings you the most awaited products that will answer your tech cravings. Here’s a roundup of the newest devices expected to be released this year.

Apple—the creator of the most popular iPad editions such as iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display will continue to wow its users as rumors circulate that its newest offering will hit this year. We’re talking here about the iPad Pro, which is a step forward from the recent iPad versions. According to some source, this device will feature a massive 12.9-inch screen, coupled with powerful processor and astounding graphics.

The Hottest Gadgets of 2014

HTC will surprise you with its new flagship blower, which is codenamed as HTC M8—a smartphone that also ensembles the face of HTC One as it will have an aluminum, unibody design. The built-in UltraPixel Camera is also one of its grand features, with a screen larger than 5 inches and quadcomm processor faster than that of the HTC One.

Gossips with Apple’s iWatch have been with us since 2012, and it continues to spread this year. Many hopefuls are waiting for the launching of the smart watch this year, and the good news is that Apple is planning to release it in autumn of 2014. Experts say that this watch is expected to surpass Samsung’s Galaxy Gear as Apple’s version will be surely a more fully realized creation.

The Hottest Gadgets of 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Round was released already in Korea, and 10,000 units have already been sold to date. Now, Samsung is gearing up to produce an updated version of the flexible phone, and it’s undoubtedly worth getting excited about. Its curvy design will remain a major feature that will outdo its major competitor, the LG G Flex.

A different new gadget that should be watched out for this year is Google Glass. This creative spec will wow every one with its highly impressive features that includes public transportation information, remarkably comprehensive mapping software, and ability to search the web while the user carries out his daily routines. Google really never fails to stun us with its leap on modern technology.

The Hottest Gadgets of 2014

Photographers and camera enthusiasts should watch out for the release of Nikon 1 V3, a striking mirrorless camera, and Canon EOS M2, which is a descendant of the super sharp EOS M, both with cool and awesome features. However, it is expected to wallop your bank accounts with its high-priced solutions.

The Advantage of Using Educational Software Games for Learning Instruction

Today’s technology enables us to play software games at a more fun and exciting level. Software games are usually sought by the younger population, who are quite knowledgeable about these games. In fact, they usually spend long hours playing their favorite software games. Some of these software games are usually preinstalled in computers, such as Minesweeper, Solitaire, Free Cell, and Hearts, which are pre-installed software games from Windows.

The Advantage of Using Educational Software Games for Learning Instruction

As years have passed, many software developers have chosen to create software games that are mainly educational. Today, there are a considerable number of software games that are intended for honing children’s fundamental skills. Despite the fact that most parents limit their kid’s attention on computers, it would probably be a different case if the software games are intended for educational purposes. Due to this trend, more and more educational software games are set to be installed at various primary and secondary schools. Such educational games may include Word Typing, Scrabble, Puzzle Picture, and more others.

There are also software games that can enhance children’s mathematical skills. With this method of teaching instruction, most kids would be excited to go to school to play and learn at the same time.

One can find a lot of benefits from using software games for educational purposes. Children exposed to this method of instruction at an early age can prepare themselves for innovative learning instructions in the future. Of course, the usual academics and traditional way of instruction are still important. However, incorporating these fun and informative games in teaching can encourage learning in many children. These materials will also help them spend more time for learning while enjoying the whole activity at the same time.

Promotions: Gadgets Giveaways

We cannot deny the fact that our world today is spawned with variety of gadgets in different types, models, functions and purposes. There is a big selection of nice alternative gadgets like android tablets to pick that are under your financial plan compared to high-priced gadgets. The product is very affordable wherein it is now one of the competitive gadgets that is high in quality but in an affordable price. Giveaways do not mean always free; nevertheless, you can get your gadget in a lower price. Many establishments use promotions such as giving gadgets as free to succeed their businesses:

Promotions: Gadgets Giveaways
  • Contests – a competition wherein your contestants submit for judgment for a proof of a particular product being asked. For online contests, such evidence is presented in digital format such as video, photo, collage, drawing, etc. The entry is then judged by a panel of judges or public vote and the winner is chosen. A proper contest should have guidelines and judging criteria to help the participants understand what exactly they have to do.
  • Timed giveaways – it is like sweepstakes and may also involve some random selection of the winners. This type of promotion will distinguish a time giveaway where the participants or the winners of the time giveaway are the first to perform a particular action at a given time. For example, a question is posted at a certain time and the first 20-30 people to submit their correct answer will get the prize.
  • Instant win games – they are similar to timed giveaways but the difference is that they run longer and the winning time is not announced and only one person will get a chance to win per slot. The winning time is pre-programmed in the software, so the participant who plays an instant win game on or close to the time will receive a winning message. An entry of the instant win games can be as simple as providing your email address.
Promotions: Gadgets Giveaways

Promotions can boost your business and gadget giving is one of the best you options you can do.

Choosing the Best Kid-Friendly Gadget for Your Child

Kids these days are too much indulged in the modern technology. We can’t deny the fact that most kids are into playing gadgets more than playing toys. Some studies even suggest that technology has overtaken the traditional games of kids. With the overflowing pleasures that touch-screen devices offer, we can’t argue the instant gratification they give to our children. However, it is important that we as parents should be critical about the things we give to our children. It is essential that the gadgets we choose for our kids are child-friendly and can at least help them in their growth and development.

Here’s a review of a few of the most child-friendly gadgets you can choose for your kid’s play time:

Choosing the Best Kid-Friendly Gadget for Your Child

Tiger Electronics Power Tour Electric Guitar

This gadget is good for children 10 years of age and up. This hot gadget will absolutely unleash your child’s inner rock star. This is a great substitute for a real electric guitar. But unlike a real electric guitar, which has strings, this has touch sensors with LED lights and dual function knobs. Your child will surely learn skills in playing and jamming to his favorite rock songs.

Choosing the Best Kid-Friendly Gadget for Your Child

Techno Source Rubik’s Revolution

This is the same as your classic Rubik’s Cube but with a twist of technology. The Rubik’s Revolution is an interactive version of the traditional Rubik’s Cube. It has amazing features that include light speed, rapid recharge, cube catcher, pattern panic, and many more. Just like your favorite Rubik’s Cube, this gadget is for all ages. And this, without a doubt, will help to enhance your child’s cognitive skills.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

This tablet is a great friendly device for your kid. Just like any other tablet, it features games and applications that your child will surely love. It comes with a camera and has a high-resolution screen, which can be a great alternative for iPad. This is more educational than any usual tablet you can find in the market today.

PlayStation 4

This is the newest version of Sony’s popular PlayStation line. It has better graphics than the old PS3. Another cool feature is that it allows players to share accomplishments with other players. This is definitely in every kid’s wish list.

Free Software for Photo Editing

A lot of people may not be good in editing images but there are individuals who are interested and would like to have fun with software for photo editing. However, the really good ones are tagged with an expensive price such as the Photoshop, and everyone knows it’s really good software. So, if you are someone who needs this type of software but lacks budget, there’s always an option for you and one of which is to utilize the free photo editing software available in the web. To help you more on this, below is a list that you can take note:

Free Software for Photo Editing
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program – it was released in 1996 and has been continuously updated since that year. It is known to be the most free powerful software image editor you can find over the web. There are tools available to enhance contrast, colour correction, sharpen image, remove red-eye, fix perspective problems, and create an animation, special lighting effects, and more. The layer support is full, has great paint tools and you can find a lot of ways for you to extend the program.
  • Paint.Net – this software is not really the same as what GIMP can do but you may also like it. Its editing basics are really great and you have options in resizing your images. You can also find a good selection for your paint tools and as well as special effects. It’s very easy to use since its interface is straightforward, especially if you are new to image editing. The program can also be extended with the use of a plugin and its support for layers can only let you apply the edits to a certain part of the image only.
  • PhoXo – this free software has been loved by other users for almost 10 years, and it has become a really useful image editor. Even kids can use it and play around with the clipart; they can customize the images with the use of cartoon cats. There are options to add a custom watermark to a whole folder of images. You will surely appreciate its paint and drawing tools, effects, image transformations and a whole lot more.
  • Funny Photo Maker – this photo editing software is good for people who would like to have fun with their images. No need to learn about the different smart selection tools, layer support, and the paint and drawing options. It has a great array of effects that you can simply use in seconds.
  • Photo Pos Pro – once you have explored using the software, you will surely appreciate what it can do for your images. It has a lot of selection options, paint tools, colour corrections and many more. It has a lot effects that you can easily configure, a reasonable support for masks and layers, and scripting tool to automate many editing tasks. It has a set of Magical effects that you can also use.
Free Software for Photo Editing

You will want to try out the five free software for photo editing mentioned above to know which one fit your preference, and you will surely appreciate the fact that you do not really need to buy expensive software to edit your images.

Different Software Operating System

Operating system is an important component in the computer’s system software because it manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for a computer program. All application programs usually require operating system to function. Below are examples of software operating system that is commonly used today:

  • Unix – this system was originally written in assembly language and Ken Thompson wrote B which is mainly based on BCPL wherein he based in his experience in Multics project. B was replaced later on with C which was developed into a large and complex family of inter-related operating system.
  • Unix-like – it is a family of various group of operating system with many major sub-categories. This system runs on a wide variety of computer architectures. They are used for servers in business and also for work stations in engineering and academic environments.
  • Berkeley Software Distribution family – this system are most commonly found in webservers nevertheless they can be used or function such as personal computer operating system. BSD has its roots in Unix and its family includes FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
  • OS X – it is formerly known as Mac OS X and it is an open core graphical operating system established, promoted and sold by Apple Inc. this operating system was first released in 1999 as Mac OS X Server 1.0 with a desktop-oriented version. Since then, there were several editions have been released.
  • Linux and GNU – it is a Unix-like operating system that was established devoid of any actual Unix code. Linux can be used on different devices from supercomputers to wristwatches. This system is released under an open source system so that anyone can read and transform its code. Linux is widely used in some popular distributions such as Debian, Red Hat, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Google’s Android. GNU is a mass collaboration of programmers who seek to create a complete free and operating system that was similar to Unix but with original code.
  • Google Chromium OS – it is an operating system based on the Linux Kernel and it is designed by Google. It is mainly a web browser application with limited ability to run local applications.
  • Microsoft Windows – it is designed by Microsoft Corporation and mainly targeted to Intel architecture based computers, and its newest version is Windows 8.1.
Different Software Operating System

Most of this software is made for the benefit of an individual’s task to be made easy and productive.

Mobile OS: The River of Life for Smartphones

A mobile operating system, also known as mobile OS, is an operating system that is mainly intended to run or operate mobile phones and other mobile devices such as phablets, tablet computers, and smartphones. The mobile OS works just like the operating system that controls your desktop computers. It is the software responsible for supporting the programs that run on your mobile phones. In addition, the operating system allows mobile apps to work and function on a specific device.

Mobile OS: The River of Life for Smartphones

There are different types of mobile operating system, and each mobile phone has its own mobile OS, which depends on which company manufactures it. It is thus important that you should be able to identify which type of mobile OS you prefer before you decide to purchase a mobile phone, to make sure that it will support whatever mobile application you want to utilize. Let’s have a rundown on the commonly used and most popular mobile OS found on the market today.

Mobile OS: The River of Life for Smartphones

Android OS

With codenames like Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jellybean, as its latest version, the Android operating system created by Google is surely tasty with its incredible software platform to support numerous mobile applications on your mobile phone. This mobile OS comes with a handful of features that will sweep you off your feet, and the best thing about it is that it comes for free! Thanks to Google.

Mobile OS: The River of Life for Smartphones

Blackberry OS

The Blackberry operating system is the mobile OS of the handheld devices of the popular Blackberry. The Blackberry OS is famous among corporate users since its key features offer mainly business software such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise email, and many more.

Mobile OS: The River of Life for Smartphones

iPhone OS/iOS for Apple

This mobile OS was originally created for only iPhone devices, but now Apple iOS supports different Apple devices, which include the iPad versions and the iPod touch. The iOS is limited only for Apple users since Apple Inc does not allow or authorize OS for third-party devices.

A List of the Weirdest Gadgets in 2014

A lot of gadgets today are made for different purposes. However, not all of them can be appreciated by people, which is why such products lack marketing strategies to inform users about its existence. One of the reasons for it is that it’s considered to be weird and many question if it’s really worth their money. Let us get to know the weirdest gadgets for the year 2014 and see if you agree with it.

A List of the Weirdest Gadgets in 2014
  • AcousticSheep LLC RunPhones headband – it is a combined headband and headphone that you can use while running; it is a moisture wicking headband that has removable headphones.
  • Kolibree toothbrush – it can transmit data to your smartphone and it also has a sensor that can detect how much tartar has been removed after using it. It can also record your brushing activity so that you can maintain a consistent cleaning every time.
  • Bluetooth Fighting Mini Robots – it can connect using Bluetooth and has infrared “guns” in their eyes. You can operate it using an app and move it with motion control through turning and tilting your mobile phone.
  • Liquid Image’s googles and glasses – it has a built in wearable camera and will let you see where you have been after you have been there.
  • Discovery iQ 48 Dual-Fuel Range with 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet – the tablet controls all of its functions of the oven and runs apps at the same time through its touchscreen. The Discovery iQ app included in it will let you connect to the home network.
  • Zepp Sensor – it can analyse up to 1,000 data points in every second that can create a 3D representations of your swing for you to practice until you can make it perfect. It is available for golf, tennis and baseball.
  • TREWGrip Keyboard – the keyboard itself faces away for you and it also allows you type in and enter data to the tablet while you are standing up at the same time.
  • AcceleDent Orthodontic Treatment Device – it can straighten your teeth in no time. It can move your teeth up to 50% faster according to the people who invented it.
  • Shine Physical activity monitor by Misfit – it can measure your calories, distance, steps and sleep, it’s also waterproof.
  • EnerPlex Surfr smartphone case with solar photovoltaic cells – it can keep your phone charged up while you are on the go; just make sure that the sun is out during the day.
  • SmartCharge LED lightbulb – it’s a useful innovation during power outages. It has a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 4 hours of light.
  • BeeWi BBH300 headphones – you can stream music from an MP3 player or a smartphone and forward music when it is attached to a docking station to a stereo.
A List of the Weirdest Gadgets in 2014

Now you have an idea of the weirdest gadgets for the year 2014.