5 Best Gadgets and Devices to Boost Your Productivity

Anyone who has had moments of extremely low creativity knows that no amount of coffee can get you back to above zero. Unfortunately, tanking creativity levels affect every human. But, what happens when you are tutoring in French, and your performance is bringing everyone around you down? Low productivity doesn’t just leave you in a rush when deadlines hit, but it also impacts your work, and you may deliver less than stellar work.

Fortunately, technology has your back. Besides hitting the gym, you can be sure that your creativity is at an all-time high with these devices:

  1. Wireless noise cancellation headphones

How many times have you had to rethink your genius ideas but fail to get the idea back because you got distracted?

Over the past few years, businesses were going for open office plans to boost employee morale and maybe save money. Unfortunately, most companies are not seeing any of these two benefits thanks to noise. Noise is distracting, and you cannot be at your best, or put your best into your work when your colleagues are talking over your head. And, even when you have your office, you can get a lot more done when you don’t hear doors opening or printers running.

Whether you are working in an open or a closed plan office, or even working from a home office, noise cancellation headphones will help you do more in less time. Wireless because you should be able to move freely.

  1. A wireless heated cup

We tend to get carried away when working, forget about the hot cup of coffee or tea we brewed earlier, and only remember that cup when it’s too cold. Cold tea or coffee isn’t an option, and getting up to warm your beverage in the middle of work is distracting.

Well, if you have been wondering, what if there was a way of warming your beverage without having to leave your desk, you are in luck because you can get a wireless heated cup to keep your drink warm for up to 45 minutes and you can always recharge it without any wires.

  1. Multiple PC monitors

Did you know that you can work on that important project from one monitor? While most people work with single monitors, they are hard to manage you have multiple windows running. If your work involves a lot of writing, you will report an increase in productivity by working with two or more monitors.

  1. Ergonomic chairs

Currently, most of your work involves sitting for hours, daily. Even though you will get a lot of work done initially, your work will suffer, and you may not be able to get as much work done as you’d wish to.

One of the best solutions to this is getting an ergonomic chair which is comfortable and supportive. You may want to throw in a posture coach and an activity tracker to improve your posture.

  1. A thermostat

This may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to productivity, but it is crucial. Extremes in hot or cold condition hamper creativity hence the need for optimally controlled temperatures. You should install a smart thermostat which can also control the humidity of the room.

Other gadgets include Pip, the stress management device, Bamboo Folio that digitalizes handwritten notes, or Workflow, the wearable to-do list.

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